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VOX puzzles are a series of puzzles specially designed by my factory for professional puzzle players. We chose ESKA blue board imported from the Netherlands as the main material. There is no paper scraps at all. We use Japanese thin knives for cutting. The gaps are small and the pieces are perfectly combined. All pictures are authorized by well-known painters. With more than 20 years of experience in producing puzzles, This is a perfect puzzle piece in my mind, and its quality surpasses many major international manufacturers. I sincerely hope that VOX puzzles can enhance everyone’s enjoyment of puzzles!

Puzzle features: The cardboard imported from the Netherlands is compressed and formed, unlike ordinary puzzle cardboard that is mounted layer by layer, so the puzzle pieces are not easy to delaminate. It is dense and thick, dust-free and chip-free. It is the first choice for smart and professional puzzle players!

Completed puzzle size: 50 x 75 cm
Suitable for ages: 13 years and above
Puzzle material: Professional blue puzzle cardboard imported from the Netherlands


slices 1000 pieces
size 50x75CM
Material Imported green thick paper version 2.2mm

Warnings and precautions:
1. Do not eat the puzzle pieces by mistake. "No glue is included in this puzzle"
2. This toy is suitable for children over five years old and must be used under adult supervision.
3. Please pay attention! Do not put plastic bags on your head or face to avoid the risk of suffocation.

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Roshan Abdelbasit

Great as always