The Slow-Motion Race Game

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  • FUN AND DIFFERENT FAMILY GAME: In The Slow-Motion Race Game, players race to the trophy in slow motion; players aim to get to the finish line first by going slowly
  • READY, SET, RACE: When the music starts, move in slow motion; players can make it more fun by pumping their arms as if they’re actually running during the race
  • AVOID SETTING OFF THE BUZZER: Music is played from the 2 speed-monitoring headbands included in the game; going too fast makes a headband light up and buzz. Freeze in place until the buzzing stops
  • GO SLOWLY TO WIN: The first player to get to the trophy wins; the game guide is in the shape of a trophy; set it up before playing the game
  • PLAY IT WITH FAMILY OR FRIENDS: The Slow-Motion Race Game is fun for adults and kids alike; from age 8

Product code: E5804