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Grandmother's Flower Garden

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Title of the work: Grandmother's Flower Garden
The flowers are poetic, the grass is like a painting,
the melons are fragrant and the fruits are sweet and refreshing.
and comfortable day begins.
Life is here, and happiness is here

[Introduction to the artist]
Barbara Mock,
United States The Impressionist painter has always pursued his dream of becoming an artist.
Famous for its floral and still lifes, tranquil landscapes, charming cottages, ivy-framed birdhouses, whimsical gardening angels, exquisite teapots and cups, and colorful dried wreaths.
Her unique oil painting style is strongly structured, with brushstrokes ranging from thin to thick.
Barbara creates delicate lace textured patterns and intensely substantial mixes of pastel colors that subtly contrast with an inner strength and romantic flavour, perfect for traditional decor.

[Product Information]
Model: VE1000-152
Size: 50 x 62 CM
Type: 900 puzzle pieces
: General
Main material: 2.2mm Imported green thick paper

Warnings and precautions:
1. The puzzle and the glue included must not be used Eaten by mistake.
2. This toy is suitable for children over five years old and must be used under adult supervision.
3. Please pay attention! Do not put plastic bags on your head or face to avoid the risk of suffocation.

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